[maemo-users] What is flash?

From: Mark Haury wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 22 04:50:29 EEST 2008
Karl Kobel wrote:
> Jeff Treague wrote:
>> I here alot about flash what is it?
> Jeff,
> FLASH is a type of memory that retains its state until changed. One of 
> the characteristics of FLASH are that the bits can only be individually 
> programmed from the 1 state to a 0. In order to get the state back to 1, 
> it must be 'erased' in big chunks.
> Within the category of FLASH, there are two major types; NOR and NAND.
> NAND is like non-volatile RAM and is used for program execution. It 
> takes more space to create a bit, so are smaller in size. Not sure, but 
> I don't believe this type is used in the Nokia's.
> NOR is higher in density, and is the type used in SD cards.
> Karl
I think the "flash" Jeff is referring to is flashing the OS. That 
requires a special program on your PC, and an OS image downloaded from 
Maemo.org. It sounds like it won't fix Jeff's problem, though.


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