[maemo-users] browser/browserd combo unpredictable and unreliable behaviour

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jul 27 12:53:13 EEST 2008
----- Original message -----
> This was meant to be a bug report, but since the bugtracker is
> following the fate of the repositories (i.e. it's currently borked)
> here it goes.
> 4.2008.23-14
> The new combo browser/browserd is very unreliable. Things that happened to me so
> far:
> 1) Browser apparently hangs or closes due to an "internal error". Sometimes
> killing browserd is enough, sometimes you have to restart it and sometimes a
> reboot is the annoying only way out.
> 2) Sometimes when you "open a link in a new window" and quickly try to switch to
> the original window (this is necessary since there's no "open in background
> window" option), the link will be opened in the original window and the new
> window remains blank with the url pointing to the old location.
> 3) Sometimes it is futile to try to select a window in the taskbar since the
> browser will put in the foreground whatever window it choses (usually the one it
> has just loaded).
> None of this happened with chinook.
> User-Agent:      Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux armv6l; es-ES;
> rv:1.9a6pre) Gecko/20080606 Firefox/3.0a1 Tablet browser 0.3.7
> RX-34+RX-44+RX-48_DIABLO_4.2008.23-14

Please learn how to file bug reports correctly. Only file ONE report per issue, and please provide some sort of reproducible testcase.

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