[maemo-users] Cant access connectivity settings

From: Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni lists at prometoys.net
Date: Mon Jul 28 02:35:33 EEST 2008

Am Sonntag, den 27.07.2008, 22:32 +0200 schrieb Andre Klapper:
> Please run Notes in a terminal window (Applications Menu -> Utilities >
> X Terminal, then run the command
> "maemo-summoner /usr/bin/controlpanel.launch > log 2>&1") and attach the
> resulting "log" file after it has crashed.

I guess nothing really helpful

/usr/bin/controlpanel[2835]: GLIB DEBUG default -
hildon_help_dialog_help_enable: Setting help topic

> Having a core dump could be even more useful. It requires installing the
> "sp-rich-core" package from the tools repository[1] and creating a
> "core-dumps" directory to the memory card with at least few megabytes of
> free space. You can get core dumps also without the rich-core package,
> but they are much less useful (and without it pre-installed applications
> core dumps are then named maemo-launcher-*).

The folder is empty. The control panel didn't really crash. It just
hangs and than I kill it (after question from the gui). Can I start
connectivity settings directly from the shell without the control panel?

To my other question: The $DISPLAY is set by default to the N810 "X" and
starting a graphical app over ssh will automatically run on the N810.
Just mentioned for other newbies..



Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni

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