[maemo-users] Cell Phone As Modem

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Mon Jun 2 15:48:37 EEST 2008
Sameer Verma wrote:
> I've had problems connecting my 770 to a phone from AT&T. The customer
> service would keep telling me that I could not use Bluetooth because I
> had not purchased the "tethering package". 

Interesting. A European provider who tried to do this would be out of
business in five minutes.

> I was at the end of my
> contract and so, I switched to T-Mobile. It not only connects vis
> Bluetooth to do GPRS, I am also able to use Bluetooth to dial out to a
> 56K modem pool. Its slow, but works in a pinch.
> Now, this may not apply to you, because you seem to have purchased the
> Edge package, but for me, it was one more reason to not go with AT&T.

I was amazed to find that my N800 connected to my provider's (O2's)
Internet service first time...slow and hugely expensive, but it worked.


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