[maemo-users] Memory card recognization issue in OS2008

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Tue Jun 3 20:19:31 EEST 2008
Thanks, Marius.  Good to know that there's a bug report on xterm and, no,
the X doesn't close it.  That's what I went for after ctrl-d didn't work.

I'm just getting closer and closer to reflashing... Ugh...  


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On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 07:49:24AM -0600, Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> I've also noticed that xterm has an interesting bug - when you try to 
> close it with a control-D, it hangs and never goes away until you 
> restart the device.  I'll check to see if there's a bug report on that.

There is: https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2473

It's supposed to be fixed in Diablo.

> It's nice that
> xterm is included; however, it's a bit different than the downloaded 
> xterm I used under 2007.

Yes.  I like the horizontal toolbar, but I hate the broken Ctrl key
emulation.  A bit less now that I have a N810 with a real Ctrl key.

> I sent the dmesg.output file to me using the 2008 mail client and the 
> e-mail went; however, like xterm, it didn't close so I have two 
> programs that won't close.  Time for a shutdown. :-)

You can close the xterm with the X in the top-right corner, no need for

Don't know about the email thing.

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