[maemo-users] Lock, sleep, power-down

From: Dave Sherohman dave at sherohman.org
Date: Wed Jun 4 23:56:43 EEST 2008
(Sorry about the duplicate message, David.  Accidentally replied
off-list the first time.)

On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 12:07:49PM -0500, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> Yesterday I started the day fully charged, and it spent the day in my
> shoulder bag, and when I unlocked it near bedtime to read for a little
> while (not having touched it since I took it off the charger in the
> morning), the battery was down to 3 days standby, 1 hour active.
> One thing I know happens now is that touching the screen turns on the
> backlight while locked.  So sitting in the case in my bag may be turning
> on the backlight a lot, at least when I'm moving the bag around.  On the
> other hand it spent most of the day on the floor, not being moved.

What state did you leave it in when you put it in your bag?  I normally
carry my N800 in a belt pouch and, if I don't "Lock touch screen and
keys", the battery will run completely dry (as in I have to hook it up
to the charger to get any response at all, and, when I do, it reboots)
over the course of several hours, presumably due to the touchscreen
being bumped, causing the backlight to trigger.  OTOH, once I figured
out to lock the screen, I no longer see any appreciable power drain in

(Actually, aside from power use, I know that random bumps were
registering on the touchscreen due to applications starting up and some
of them (such as Maemopad+) showing random "scribbling"...  I first
started locking the screen to prevent this; the battery not running down
was a happy side-effect.)

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