[maemo-users] Lock, sleep, power-down

From: David Dyer-Bennet dd-b at dd-b.net
Date: Thu Jun 5 17:26:31 EEST 2008
On Wed, June 4, 2008 12:14, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 04, 2008 at 12:07:49PM -0500, David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>> On Tue, June 3, 2008 07:53, Marius Gedminas wrote:
>> > The device is very good at seamless power savings, but it's possible
>> to
>> > install buggy applications that aren't smart enough to sleep when they
>> > should and drain the battery faster.
>> Something like that may be going on, though I haven't installed very
>> much.
>> I'm assuming the application would have to be running to make a
>> difference?
> Yes.
>> Yesterday I started the day fully charged,
> Do you mean that the battery icon showed full charge, or that you kept
> it charging overnight and the charging animation stopped?

Was on charge overnight, the animation had stopped.  As you correctly
figured out below.

> In my experience the battery icon is very nonlinear: you use the tablet
> for 4 hours, it shows full charge, then it starts showing less and in 2
> more hours of active usage it runs out completely.  (The numbers are
> approximate.)

Battery condition monitoring is clearly still in the voodoo stages. 
Sometimes I think it'd be better if they didn't try, it's so random.

>> and it spent the day in my
>> shoulder bag, and when I unlocked it near bedtime to read for a little
>> while (not having touched it since I took it off the charger in the
>> morning),
> Ah, okay, so you answered my question. ;-)
>> the battery was down to 3 days standby, 1 hour active.
> That's not normal.

It didn't match my earlier uses.  (I've been very slowly integrating this
thing into my daily life; it's intended to eventually replace my Palm TX,
but so far the calendar and contacts are still on the Palm.  I've also
just got a new much-upgraded smartphone, an HTC Mogul, and I'm trying to
figure out which functions should live where.)

And relating to the ongoing integration -- possibly I'm seeing drastically
shortened battery life from having both wifi and bluetooth enabled.  Since
they're alternative connection profiles I think it should only use one at
a time, but maybe it doesn't.
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