[maemo-users] Sluggish performance on my N800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jun 9 18:16:11 EEST 2008

ext Mike Wright wrote:
> Ok - received many suggestions now - thanks for them.
> Lets see what I have got then.
> 1) Memory cards
> Yep - got those! 4G internal, 2G eternal - both FAT32 on no-name cards.
> Internal has or rather HAD) 128M swap file on it. I can remove them later
> and try that.

I would recommend against using swap except in situations where you
really need it and just not keep many applications open at the same
(number depends on what applications, browser content alone can easily
eat all memory if you visit sites with lots of Flash and Javascript).

Swap can make the device sluggish also.

> 2) DHCP vs Static IP
> Currently on DHCP. I can switch that to static fairly easily.
> 3) GPE Calendar
> No - No GPE software installed
> 4) Modest/RSS
> Modest installed bu never (hardly ever) used. No defined RSS feeds in the
> reader - I use Nibbler which only runs when I tell it to!
> 5) OFfline mode
> Hmm - difficult that one. Major slowdown is when browsing so that might
> not show anything up!
> 6) Browser cache.
> I can try that one

You could also modify browser settings from:
- /usr/lib/microb-engine/greprefs/all.js
("about:config" in browser not working for max_entries is a bug
in upstream Mozilla)

The interesting settings are these, especially the latter one:
- browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers
- browser.sessionhistory.max_entries

Browser session history can take *a lot* of memory, you could make
it smaller. It's size is a compromise between faster browsing and fast
"back" functionality.

> 7) Doing a lot of writes to JFFS2
> I guess this means the rootfs? Pretty much everything I write to is on one
> or other memory card.
> I will keep looking!


	- Eero

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