[maemo-users] Lock, sleep, power-down

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jun 12 15:22:32 EEST 2008

ext David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
>> you can have fun and google for details both in this ml and itt, but to
>> spare you the search, you have to:
>> -flash the standard image we release (not the leaked diablo for example)
> I'm on a standard image (and have never been on anything else). Currently
> the latest posted on the site when I reflashed last weekend, I believe
> that was OS 2008 51-3.
>> -remove mmc/sd/whatever you have in the slot
> Will try, I've always had a card in the external slot.  I've reseated and
> checked the card, but haven't run without it for extended periods.  My
> external card is an 8GB SDHC.
> What about the "internal" card?
>> -format to vfat the internal mmc in case you have an n810 and you
>> changed it to something else
> I'm on an N800, and I don't believe I've changed the format on the
> internal card (your statement seems to say I couldn't on an N800 anyway).
> Also, you say "mmc".  My internal card is an 8GB SDHC.  It *seems* to
> work; but could that be a problem?  (I think of "SD" card as the generic
> term, so your use of another form makes me think you may mean something
> very specific; but that usage may be different in your company, part of
> the world, language.)

Could you try taking out both memory cards, disabling all Home applets,
putting the device to offline mode, rebooting, charging the battery full
and checking how much battery is left after device is idle for one day
on table (so that nothing presses the keys or touchscreen)?

>> If after this you still have problems, then the device is probably
>> broken.
> Ouch.  Because I'm very close to running in the conditions you specify,
> and I'm having severe battery life problems (in fact I started this
> thread, though you're responding to another person who sounds like he's
> having the same problems I am).
>> If not then try reintroducing one by one your customisations and verify.
> I reflashed last weekend, and have only added OpenSSH and FBREADER since
> then.  I could part with OpenSSH easily in the short run.

Ssh hasn't been a problem for me.

> I'd almost be happy if it turned out to be hardware; though it would be a
> pain to carry through getting it fixed.  But I'd feel a lot better about
> the state of the software.

In my case the device battery went down in about a day when being idle
because the fm-radio applet was polling constantly at about 1 sec
interval.  Maybe something in your system is also waking at that
kind of frequency?

	- Eero

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