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From: Chris Vail chrisbvail at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Jun 13 03:48:52 EEST 2008
Since regulatory approval of Nokia's aquisition of Trolltech has recently gone through, I found some articles on the internet that eventually led to this statement (from last January):
Speaking to ZDNet.co.uk on Monday, Trolltech's "chief troll" and co-founder, Eirik Chambe-Eng, ...confirmed that Nokia was not currently intending to make Linux-based mobile phones. However, he suggested the manufacturer would now "evaluate" the Linux Mobile (LiMo) Foundation — of which Trolltech is a member — and other such initiatives to see if there might be a role for the company there in the future.

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From: Chris Vail <chrisbvail at yahoo.com>
Subject: Nokia and LiMo
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Date: Friday, May 23, 2008, 12:25 PM

Hi All,
Sorry if this is off-topic, but since Nokia is acquiring TrollTech, and TrollTech is a member of LiMo, does that mean Nokia will become a member of LiMo?  If so, does that affect Maemo?
Chris Vail
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