[maemo-users] Nokia: Linux Needs to Learn Business

From: Jeff Brown la3875 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jun 15 07:49:06 EEST 2008
I'm new here and new to the tablet and have read some very thoughtful dialog over the past few days. As a linux user, not a technical one mind you, and owner of a tablet for about a month, I find the only shortcoming of my N810, is the lack of an 'office suite'. If you could get open office in a simple download from a repository to be able to open and sometimes edit the various documents one shares or receives, the tablet would be complete for me as a consumer and something I could highly recommend!

Truth be told I got this as a gift and have seen in the forums open office is possible with some effort. Not being a technical individual, I've considered buying a second tablet for that type of experimentation, as I'm unwilling to risk bricking this one. Also had I not received this gift, its unlikely I would have sought out this device, or even known about it otherwise.

With that, great job Nokia and all involved and i look forward to more programs and next generations of the OS and software.

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