[maemo-users] Nokia: Linux Needs to Learn Business

From: Jean-Christian de Rivaz jc at eclis.ch
Date: Sun Jun 15 20:29:49 EEST 2008
David Dyer-Bennet a écrit :
> Mark wrote:
>> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Theodore Tso <tytso at mit.edu> wrote:
>>>  Do you really think it is OBVIOUS that it is
>>> always cheaper to make your own and never to buy from another
>>> company's product?
>> Because it *is* obvious. The fundamental assumption is that the given
>> company has the size and resources to manufacture chips. Give that
>> capability, yes, it is *always* cheaper for them to manufacture their
>> own.
> Wow; this demonstrates ignorance of a depth I had not believed existed 
> in the universe.  I'm impressed.
> Let's go through the reasons why it's terribly expensive to manufacture 
> custom-designed chips in relatively small quantities:

What you say is absolutely right. But it seem that Nokia is actually the 
number one on this planet regarding the mobile phone market, so there 
are probably not talking about small quantity...

In a more macroscopic view, I can't understand why Nokia buy a software 
company like Trolltech to get a technology and still rely on externals 
chip manufacturers for there very really central technology of almost 
all there business.

If Nokia manage to get enough control of a chip maker, like there did 
for Symbian for example, there can open enough the needed interfaces to 
let there OSS strategy grow.

My personally think that maybe the solution is a chip that have two 
parts. One part is a on the edge proprietary wireless processing (BT, 
3G, WiFi, etc..). The other part is a OSS well supported general 
processing. The parts must communicate via a well documented interface 
of course. The split between the two parts can be different, I just give 
a big picture. The main point is that the proprietary part must not 
depend on any Open Source software, and this last one must see only well 
documented interfaces to do all the programmers reasonably wants to do.

Best Regards,
Jean-Christian de Rivaz

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