[maemo-users] Nokia: Linux Needs to Learn Business

From: Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Date: Sun Jun 15 23:51:50 EEST 2008
En/na Theodore Tso ha escrit:

> I could have a working system (including, by the way, using binary
> drivers), I wasn't throwing rotten tomatoes and screaming at laptop
> vendors who chose to use closed hardware which didn't support Linux.

Neither do I: I *bought* an Internet Tablet after all. Still, I think 
they can improve the "opennes" of the hardware.

> I chose to avoid buying Sony laptops, since they were the worst in
> terms of proprietary hardware with Windows-only drivers, but I
> accepted why they made the business decisions that they did.

As I accept the reason many cheap router manufacturer use broadcom 
wares, but I also know that their main selling point isn't opennes, and 
I personally try to avoid broadcom stuff.


> Just three years ago, I used used binary video drivers from ATI as the
> only way I could get the needed functionality for my laptop.  Now, I
> used and recommend to others using the laptops that contain Intel
> video chipsets, because of Intel's release of open source, high
> quality video drivers.

I'd say the same here. Three years ago there was no usable alternative 
to ati/nvidia, now there's intel. And there's atheros, ralink, intel 
producing free (firmware/hal notwithstanding, but those don't really 
limit my freedom to switch os or kernel version) wifi drivers.

> So things are moving in the right direction, but in some areas change
> may come quicker than others.  The trick is to helpfully engage with
> vendors and help them work with their suppliers --- and not just throw
> rocks.

There must be a bad cop to play "bad cop, good cop" ;-) (just kidding).

>  The former is usually for more productive than the latter.
> You catch very few flies with vinegar....

Well, that's actually wrong ;-)


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