[maemo-users] Postal address in Contacts?

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 17 20:41:48 EEST 2008
On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 4:46 AM, Aniello Del Sorbo <anidel at gmail.com> wrote:
> IMHO, 'useless' is the wrong term.
> The Contacts app, I am sure, was not meant to be a PIM Contacts application.
> But a Contacts application for the Web (where, it makes some sense, the postal
> address does not make much sense).
> It's simply targeted at solving a different problem than the one you
> were expecting.
> It would make sense if it would have been integrated with the Map application:
> Drive me to this contact.
> Or, even better with GeoClue, drive me to the CURRENT position of this Contact.
> Dream :/
> --
> anidel

Okay, what "problem" does it solve? It's not a cellphone, so phone
numbers are no help. How many phone numbers do you need to look up
when your cell phone stores those? It can't send email addresses to
anything but the built-in email app, so that's no help. How many times
do you need to look up someone's email address when your email program
stores that? Almost none of my contacts have their own Web sites, and
all browsers have their own bookmarks, so that's pointless. How many
people (especially as a percentage of your contacts list) use Jabber
or SIP? (Exactly zero of mine, and that includes myself.)

On the other hand, I frequently need to look up a physical address in
order to snail mail something or travel to a location. I frequently
also need searchable notes and custom fields, so I can find a contact
by information other than their personal name or make decisions based
on information that is completely unrelated to geography or
communications. I need multiple phone numbers (home, work, mobile,
winter, summer, etc.), some with extensions or non-numeric
information. I need multiple addresses (home, work, winter, summer,
etc.). I need custom fields that contain codes or information that
have meaning only to me, and don't fall under any of the headings that
are provided.

My 10-year-old Visor Deluxe with a whopping 10MHz processor, 4-grey
LCD screen and 8Mb memory does all that (except for field naming). How
difficult could it possibly be?

By the way, "custom field" means that every attribute of a field can
be edited, *including* the name, data type and length. It doesn't mean
simply that you can add multiple instances of the same exact field, or
select from a limited list of names.

Yeah, "useless" is exactly the correct term. If this is supposed to be
a "consumer" device, it needs to meet the needs of consumers, not only
developers (or no one at all).

The issue of whether or not the tablets should come with a real PIM
has pretty much been beat to death, but IMO Nokia is taking exactly
the wrong stance if they ever want the consumer sales of these devices
to approach meaningful numbers. People don't want to lug around more
devices than they have to. If a new device can't *replace* their old
device, but only does a few new things that aren't compelling, they
aren't going to buy it, and more importantly aren't going to use it
regularly or recommend it to their friends. So far, none of the
tablets have a "killer app" that makes functionality irrelevant to
buyers. If the tablet can't do anything that a person's cell phone
can't do, what's the point? (And no, display size & resolution alone
aren't going to be the selling point.)

There are plenty of cellphones out there that do everything the
tablets do and then some, many at a lower price point and some as
little as half the cost of the N810 - *UNLOCKED!* And the sticking
point is that they *all* have *real* PIMs.


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