[maemo-users] Nokia: Linux Needs to Learn Business

From: Anuj Verma (Kevin) kevinverma at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 18 10:33:20 EEST 2008
> If people are willing to use Open Moko, despite its relative
> disadvantage in terms of battery lifetime, and bleeding edge features
> --- that's a tradeoff that Linux geeks can make, if they want.  I
> suspect though that for commercial success, it will be hard for Open
> Moko to complete in the general population who will always find cool
> features like GPS, 3G, Wifi and UMA support, etc. very attractive.

I speak for my geek pride, more geeks and more hackers, any project
like Open Moko will only get better. I remember the days when running
Linux on older laptops was a more compatible choice for hackers, and
now even the latest greatest hardware runs Linux out of the box, this
is just to mention now and then of PC market basically. There will be
more examples and there are more stories to be made.

I hope you are not mistaken, perhaps its Nokia who needs these geeks &
hackers not those geeks & hackers needs Nokia.
I do hope Meamo community at large understands that, and I wish them luck.


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