[maemo-users] Browser location field showing when I click on a text input field

From: Tuukka Tolvanen tuukka.tolvanen at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jun 21 14:50:48 EEST 2008
Tony Green wrote:
> For some strange reason, my N800's on-screen keyboard has started acting
> strangely.
> When I click on a text input field in the browser, the keyboard pops up, as it
> should but now the location field (where you can type a URL to go somewhere)
> and its associated buttons is appearing at the top of the keyboard as if I'd
> clicked on the location field, whereas it used to just be replaced by the
> keyboard. This means I've got even less usable screen area :-(
> Obviously I've managed to change a setting somewhere, but I can't work it out.
> Has anybody come across this problem? More to the point, has anybody found a
> solution for it? ;-)

You might want to find / file a bug on https://bugs.maemo.org/ -- but 
first: what version are you using (Control Panel > General > About 
product), does this happen on all sites or a particular site (example 
url and specific field required either way), fullscreen or normal view 
or both, settings in browser's menu -> view -> toolbar, does closing 
browser and rebooting (no charger) happen to resolve the problem? Also 
the contents of /home/user/.browser may be of interest.

> http://www.gnupg.org/(en)/documentation/faqs.html for more information.

this is 404.


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