[maemo-users] Reading Ebooks.

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Sat Jun 21 15:21:41 EEST 2008
Kevin T. Neely schrieb:
> Sadly, mobipocket has not been ported to maemo.  You can, however, install Garnet VM and then install your Palm reader on that.  It supports full-screen now but I have not been able to try it since the upgrade killed my installation somehow.

It works better now. I was able to sync with palm desktop via network 
and have now a complete working system on my N810 (with the standard 
programs). I manage my contacs still with Palm. The new fullscreen 
potrait mode is a must. I don't need my Palm Tungsten C any more. Even 
some of the music programs (microbe) for palm work, but those crash 
sometimes. But they didn't run at all with the first beta.

  Klaus Rotter * klaus at rotters dot de * www.rotters.de

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