[maemo-users] External Keyboard Recommendations

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Mon Jun 23 00:39:03 EEST 2008
I had to shelve a lot of what I was doing and now I'm at the point where 
I want to get an external keyboard to replace the iGo one I have, which 
is cramped.  I know several people strongly recommended the iGo 
Stowaway (not the Ultra Slim, but the regular one), however, within the 
past few months, iGo has gone over to all power supplies and such.  I'm 
trying to find a Stowaway, but the only dealer with one on Amazon has 
poor ratings and the dealers I checked through Google that have them in 
stock (or claim to) don't have good ratings either.  One does say it's 
not in stock and they'll order it, but the people at iGo don't have 
anymore, so I don't trust that.

Yes, I'm trying eBay.  We'll see.

So any recommendations on external keyboards?  What I liked about the 
Stowaway was that it didn't just fold in half, so it'd fold to smaller 
than my N770 and carrying both in a small case would be easy.  And, 
even more importantly, from what I hear, it felt like a "real" keyboard 
when in use.  I'm a writer and I don't like laptops and, when possible, 
prefer a natural keyboard (yeah, like I'm going to find a folding 
bluetooth natural keyboard!), so what I'd rather do is just find a good 
keyboard to go with my N770 so I can head for the park or go down by 
the river and be poetical in poetic places. ;-)

So any recommendations on bluetooth external keyboards since the 
Stowaway seems to have been taken off the market?  Or anyone want to 
sell theirs if it's in good condition?

I finally have time to do more than bust my tail at my computer while 
wrestling with Perl, C++, or Java code and I just want to get out, but 
I like being able to stop and write when I take breaks, so a good 
keyboard with a good feel to it is a big deal to me.



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