[maemo-users] Installing evince on an N810

From: Rick Bilonick rab at nauticom.net
Date: Mon Jun 23 21:31:41 EEST 2008
Does anyone know how to install evince on a Nokia N810? It is listed in
the catalog but when I try to install it, it always says that
libhildonfm2 is missing. I've gone to a site that lists a lot of
repositories and it says the chinook maemo.org repository has the lib
(and there is a temporay chinook library - not sure why). I've added
this repository but I never see libhildonfm2 in the catalog list (even
after refreshing). For some reason, when I try to display any pdf using
the native pdf viewer, it always says the files are corrupted. I've
installed lots of other software but keep running into dependencies that
cannot be resolved for some apps. Could some one straighten me out?

Rick B.

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