[maemo-users] Installing evince on an N810 (autobuilder)

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jun 24 09:56:32 EEST 2008

ext Marius Gedminas wrote:
> libhildonfm2 comes from repository.maemo.org, but apt-cache policy
> doesn't show me if that's the extras repository, or the SDK repository.
> The monstrously-looking
>   $ sudo apt-get install --print-uris -d --reinstall libhildonfm2 
> command tells me it lives in
>   http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo4.0.1/free/libh/libhildonfm/libhildonfm2_1.9.49_armel.deb
> which seems to be the SDK repository.
> Yes; if I disable the SDK repo, libhildonfm2 becomes non-installable any
> more.
> I think packages in the Extras repository should not depend on packages
> not available from Extras, to prevent exactly this kinds of problems.
> On the other hand this requirement seems to require many packages to be
> duplicated between the SDK and the Extras repositories.  I don't know
> what's the official Nokia or Maemo community position on this issue.
>> I've gone to a site that lists a lot of
>> repositories and it says the chinook maemo.org repository has the lib
>> (and there is a temporay chinook library - not sure why). I've added
>> this repository but I never see libhildonfm2 in the catalog list (even
>> after refreshing).
> And you won't -- libraries aren't supposed to clutter up the application
> list, so they're hidden.  You can see them only if you enable red-pill
> mode or use the command-line tools.
>> For some reason, when I try to display any pdf using
>> the native pdf viewer, it always says the files are corrupted. I've
>> installed lots of other software but keep running into dependencies that
>> cannot be resolved for some apps. Could some one straighten me out?
> In my opinion, all unresolved dependency problems are packaging bugs.

I think this is one more thing that autobuilder should check...

	- Eero

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