[maemo-users] External Keyboard Recommendations

From: Henrik Frisk frisk.h at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 24 11:53:15 EEST 2008
> Theoretically, bluetooth drains the battery, but even a USB keyboard
> has to use *some* juice, and I've used my bluetooth GPS receiver with
> my N800 all day without draining the battery. I really don't think
> that battery life is an issue.
That's good to know. Anyone with a different experience?

> I've done a lot of research (articles, reviews) and online shopping,
> and if I could afford it the one I would get would be the "Freedom
> Universal Bluetooth Keyboard". It has the distinction of having
> greater compatibility with more different devices, is sturdier and has
> separate function keys, but also is slightly larger. The cheapest I've
> found it is here:
Based on my 'research' the Freedom UBK is the one for me. It seems to
me it has a good smallness/usability ratio. I found a blog post about
it (in Swedish only I'm afraid) from a programmer (=used to typing)
who praised it. He used it with a palm device. Also, I seem to
remember someone mention using it with a N810 here on the list so it
should work.

Based on the different thoughts/experiences/opinions on this list I
have decided to go for BT rather than USB. The point for me is to
reduce the amount of stuff I need to carry when travelling and even a
small USB dongle is still one extra thing to remember not to forget :)



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