[maemo-users] Postal address in Contacts?

From: Simon Budig simon at budig.de
Date: Tue Jun 24 18:39:17 EEST 2008
Mark (wolfmane at gmail.com) wrote:
> There are two basic facts of common scenarios that you continue to ignore.
> 1) Sync conduits frequently don't exist.
> 2) Import & Export are easy to implement, sync is hard.

You keep ignoring that we are talking about concepts, not about
(possibly not) existing solutions. No doubt that sync is very
non-trivial and current implementations are lacking in a lot of aspects,
maybe even that the current implementations of syncing are not a
superset of currently not implemented csv exports, but this does not
make the point invalid that the sync *concept* is a superset of the
im-/export *concept*.

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