[maemo-users] Postal address in Contacts?

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 24 19:11:52 EEST 2008
On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 10:03 AM, Simon Budig <simon at budig.de> wrote:
> Mark (wolfmane at gmail.com) wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 9:28 AM, Simon Budig <simon at budig.de> wrote:
>> > No, I maintain, that import and export conceptually is a special case of
>> > sync.
>> ...and you are wrong.
>> By definition, sync is the process of making sure that two or more
>> locations contain the *same* up-to-date files:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_synchronization
> *Files*? I thought we were talking about database records of contact
> information? I guess you were confused when you picked this link?

You clearly have a lot of trouble with concepts. Databases *are*
files. When you sync records, what you are actually doing is updating
the database *files* so that they are identical.

>> Again, including import/export functionality in a sync app does NOT
>> mean that import/export is a subset of sync.
> Database 1 is some binary blob, stored by EDS on the disk that
> represents a set of contact adresses.
> Database 2 is a not yet existing file on disk, which by convention is
> interpreted as conatining zero contact adresses.
> A sync application has plugins to talk to database 1 and database 2.
> The sync application does its magic thing, the plugin for database 2
> queries for a name for the not yet really existing file on disk.
> While doing the sync operation the plugin for database 1 knows about
> lots of contact adresses, the plugin for database 2 knows none, the sync
> algorithm decides that it would be best to store the contact adresses in
> database 2 as well.
> The plugin for database 2 receives lots of contact adresses and chooses
> to use a csv representation for the on disk storage of the contact
> adresses.
> The net result: a previously not existing, CSV structured file that
> contains the contact adresses of Database 1.
> I'd call that export.

Exactly. It's *export*, NOT *sync*. And the sync application was
designed to handle certain situations by doing an export operation
*rather than* a sync operation.

> And since it is a sync algorithm doing this, the
> sync concept is a superset of the export concept.

Wrong. It's a section of sync code that incorporates export
functionality to handle a specific situation that CANNOT BE HANDLED BY

> No, it is not easy, it is not convenient, it is not straightforward, it
> needs some conceptual thinking to view it like this, but the concept is
> sound.
> Later you might even want to "sync" new Adresses in EDS-database 1 into
> your CSV "database". If plugin 2 is good it might actually work. Hence
> sync does more than export.
> Bye,
>        Simon
> --
>              simon at budig.de              http://simon.budig.de/

Sigh... sync does *differently* than export, not "more", because they
are not the same thing.


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