[maemo-users] anyone else notice a speed improvement with diablo?

From: Jesper Cheetah mail at jespercheetah.dk
Date: Wed Jun 25 04:58:02 EEST 2008
On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 05:43:18PM -0700, Joshua Layne wrote:
> I am just noticing a much snappier overall experience, particularly in 
> the use of the app mgr, but really in all respects.
> now that could just be because I haven't finished hacking it up with all 
> the garbage I like to install on it...
> anyone else notice this?

So I'm not the only one.. I've also noticed a significant increase in
speed and "snappiness", particularly with inputting text using a USB
keyboard. I've previously been rather frustrated at the delays and even
degraded my N800 from being my cool pocket-sized laptop to being just my
slow electronic calendar. That might change now :)

But then, this could just be because I'm temporarily using the internal
memory as rootfs instead of the class 2 SDHC card I used before
flashing.. :) I'll be moving everything to an 8 GB class 6 SDHC card as
soon as I can. Seems that fanoush has already updated the bootmenu
system to support diablo: http://fanoush.wz.cz/maemo/#initfs

All in all I'm quite satisfied with diablo. Well done Nokia!

Jesper Cheetah

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