[maemo-users] maemo-pan in Diablo

From: Patrik Flykt Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jun 26 12:41:05 EEST 2008
On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 10:07 -0600, ext Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> However, with Diablo, if I go into the control panel and select
> "Connections", I can see "Bluetooth-PAN"; however, it never shows up in
> "Select Connection." Has anyone been successful using maemo-pan with Diablo?

Is maemo-pan using the dummy network type in order to do its networking
stuff? I'm asking because the good old internet connectivity daemon has
been replaced with a new package, icd2, and that one does not contain
dummy network support by default.



Patrik Flykt <Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com>

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