[maemo-users] Battery or N800?

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Sun Jun 29 19:55:05 EEST 2008
Before I flashed, the first time, to OS2008, I didn't experience any
problems/issues with my N800.  However, after going to OS2008 and then going
back to OS2007 I noticed that battery life was extremely short, e.g. I could
leave it for an hour or so and it would be turned off and the battery
drained.  When I went to Diablo, battery life was even shorter, e.g. I
unhooked it from wall power and turned the unit off.  When I turned it back
on about two hours later, the batter was near empty.  My first thought was a
bad battery (that just happened to go bad during OS changes).

But, when I went to Diablo a new set of problems occurred.  I still have the
battery issue (until this morning) but when I shut the system down in
preparation for going back to the earlier OS2008 (RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.51-3),
I had to, again, pull the battery out as the system hangs on the white and
blue Nokia splash.  When I reinserted the battery, I'm getting a blue screen
with evenly spaced white stripes running from top to bottom.  If I press the
power button, the blue screen with stripes (not always with stripes) remains
but I can "hear" the system coming up.  Specifically I can hear the "tune"
that is played when the hands display just before the home screen shows.

Is it possible that moving/re-inserting the battery several times has
damaged the N800? I bought it in January 2007 and had no problems until
going to OS2008, and back to OS2007, and back again to OS2008.  Since there
are several apps I run that either aren't running on Diablo or have problems
with Diablo, I have to go back but decided to try the earlier OS2008 to see
if I can get everything to work without restoring any OS2007 data (I've
updated other PIMs with all the data and I have moved the password data to
another Linux system).

Sometimes, after putting the battery back in, the screen remains black after
pressing the power button.  If I do this several times the system MIGHT come
up.  This last time I could hear the OS coming up but the screen is just
black.  At some point I can hear the sound of the unit connecting to the
network.  Thus, I'm thinking the unit has gone south.


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