[maemo-users] Can't find repository

From: Aaron Newcomb anewcomb2 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 30 22:57:59 EEST 2008
>> What's wrong with expecting "Application Manager" to manage apps?
> nfs-common is not an app.

So what. There should still be an easier way to get it installed.
Instead of not including nfs-common in Application Manager why don't
we change the name to Software Manager or Feature Manager. This is a
poor excuse for not including it and I hope this is not the reason
it's not in there any more.

> Most of the users don't know what's NFS, if the application manager
> would list all non-UI programs, the list would be pretty unusable for
> those kind of users.

That's why we have categories for the apps. You will only see all of
them if you click on "All". BTW - There are way too many categories.
We need to trim these down a bit.

> I usually install first ssh to the device, then log to it through ssh
> from desktop (to flash it, you already needed to be near your desktop
> anyway) and install anything I'm interested about with apt-get.  It's
> much faster than using application manager.

For me and you yes, but the general user I think is going to be
happier with point and click.

Aaron Newcomb

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