[maemo-users] Can I run java on n810

From: Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 1 19:38:51 EEST 2008
On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Jeff Treague
<blacknight45alive at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Can I run java on the n810. When I try to play games online off pogo.com. I
> need java to play and other sites are the same. If java dose not work on the
> n810. Are there places to play games online on the n810
> and what are they.

As far as I know there is a "desktop" java (J2SE) build for the Nokia
tablets, but it allows you to run .jar java applications, not
applets. What you want is a way to run java APPLETS inside a browser.

That is currently not possible because Nokia has decided not to
support Java and do a browser Java plug-in.

A possible option would be for you to play Flash games, although I
have found very few worth playing


The last option, and the most attractive imho, is using the Garnet OS
Virtual Machine,


which is free, to basically run any PalmOS based game on the Nokia.
There are VERY good PalmOS games, starting with the paid ones from

See also


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