[maemo-users] Diablo's Modest/Email

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Mon Sep 8 19:46:07 EEST 2008
On Monday 08 September 2008 15:39:05 Andre Klapper wrote:
> Am Montag, den 08.09.2008, 06:22 -0700 schrieb Tim Ashman:
> > My first choice at this point would be to just be able to install the
> > older email and ditch modest.
> I don't think that osso-email has been ported to Diablo.
> Nobody works on osso-email anymore.
> > 1.  No option to delete the message off of the server when deleting.  I
> > don't want to "remove" the message from the server when I download them
> > on the n810 but I want the option and normally will delete the messages
> > from the server when I delete them from the n810, however for the 10
> > messages each week that I receive I want to save them on the server.  I
> > don't want to do imap.
> AFAIK that's a limitation of the POP specification. Any apps providing
> this functionality have ugly hacks. IMAP is what you want to use.

imap is not available everywhere, or only available as some expensive business 
grade option. and no, routing all mail via gmail is imo not a option.

also, the last time i checked the pop specification, it clearly showed the 
download and delete as separate commands.

oh, and the old osso-mail had this, so modest not having it is as close to 
regression as can think of...

> > 2. I use multiple email accountings on my n810.  The old email allowed me
> > to have them all show up in the same inbox where I could simply read,
> > reply with the correct return and delete.  Very efficient!  Now I have
> > three separate inboxes and have to switch back and forth all of the time.
> >  This drives me nuts and seems very stupid.  Can I make a folder and use
> > filters or some sort of client side script to just move them all into
> > once folder?
> Forward them to your main account?
> Funny, for GNOME Evolution people complain all the time that they cannot
> have seperate inboxes for several POP accounts. :)

i dont mind seperate inboxes. but what i mind is that i have to dig down into 
a menu each time i want to check the other one.

there was a user-made modification that allowed multiple inboxes on screen 
available at the itt forum. but that no longer works after the ssu update.

the perfect solution, imo, would be to give each account 2 checkboxes. 1 for 
putting mail into a single inbox or not. the other to have that seperate 
inbox showing up in the folder tree at all times.

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