[maemo-users] Diablo's Modest/Email

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Tue Sep 9 01:30:46 EEST 2008
On Monday 08 September 2008 06:39:05 am Andre Klapper wrote:
> Am Montag, den 08.09.2008, 06:22 -0700 schrieb Tim Ashman:
> > My first choice at this point would be to just be able to install the
> > older email and ditch modest.
> I don't think that osso-email has been ported to Diablo.
> Nobody works on osso-email anymore.

That's too bad, it worked exactly like I want it to.

> > 1.  No option to delete the message off of the server when deleting.  I
> > don't want to "remove" the message from the server when I download them
> > on the n810 but I want the option and normally will delete the messages
> > from the server when I delete them from the n810, however for the 10
> > messages each week that I receive I want to save them on the server.  I
> > don't want to do imap.
> AFAIK that's a limitation of the POP specification. Any apps providing
> this functionality have ugly hacks. IMAP is what you want to use.

No, it isn't.  It is in the spec.

> > 2. I use multiple email accountings on my n810.  The old email allowed me
> > to have them all show up in the same inbox where I could simply read,
> > reply with the correct return and delete.  Very efficient!  Now I have
> > three separate inboxes and have to switch back and forth all of the time.
> >  This drives me nuts and seems very stupid.  Can I make a folder and use
> > filters or some sort of client side script to just move them all into
> > once folder?
> Forward them to your main account?
> Funny, for GNOME Evolution people complain all the time that they cannot
> have seperate inboxes for several POP accounts. :)

People are different that is why any software should be as flexible as 
possible.  In this case having an option to display "delete option when 
deleting locally" would do the trick, that way people who didn't want to 
answer the question everytime could opt out, I and others could opt in.

> > 3.  The email notification doesn't work reliably on my unit.  I get the
> > blinking led in the upper left corner, but as soon as I wake up the unit
> > and the display comes on the blinking stops and the blinking that use to
> > be in the lower bottom icon isn't there so now I can't see what email
> > accounting triggered the blink and I can't see the message.  Is this a
> > bug or something I have setup wrong.
> Are you running the latest version 4.2008.30-2 (Control Panel > General
> > About product)? And I don't understand your description completely...
> Please file a bug at https://bugs.maemo.org and provide exact steps to
> reproduce.
> andre

I think I have the latest diablo,  it is really strange it is almost like the 
light blinks before the actual email has downloaded the new messsages.  I did 
some testing today and if I wait long enough after the blinking light, like 
2-3 minutes not only does the light stay blinking after the display comes on, 
the lower left function works.  Very strange.


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