[maemo-users] Fw: Diablo's Modest/Email

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Tue Sep 9 01:36:43 EEST 2008
On Monday 08 September 2008 08:21:21 am Sergio Villar Senin wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> > Tim Ashman <tim at ashmans.net>
> > Data:
> > Mon, 8 Sep 2008 06:22:50 -0700
> > Para:
> > maemo-users at maemo.org
> >
> > Para:
> > maemo-users at maemo.org
> >
> >
> > Ok, so I've upgraded to diablo over the weekend and for the most part it
> > is great.  However I can't stand modest, it just doesn't work in a way
> > that works for me and it appears to have bugs that the older email
> > didn't.
> >
> > My first choice at this point would be to just be able to install the
> > older email and ditch modest.  If that is not possible the level of usage
> > for email on my n810 goes way down.  Below are the problems, I'm having
> > if anyone has a way to make this work for me, please let me know.
> >
> > 1.  No option to delete the message off of the server when deleting.  I
> > don't want to "remove" the message from the server when I download them
> > on the n810 but I want the option and normally will delete the messages
> > from the server when I delete them from the n810, however for the 10
> > messages each week that I receive I want to save them on the server.  I
> > don't want to do imap.
> For a POP account the messages are deleted from the server unless you
> check the option "Leave messages on server" which is checked by default.
> As you could see the more conservative option is the default one.

Yes, I do have that option unchecked so they stay on the server, I wish to be 
able to delete them from the server after I have read them on the n810.  This 
allows me to leave important emails on the server for downloading later to my 
home "archiving" machine.

> > 2. I use multiple email accountings on my n810.  The old email allowed me
> > to have them all show up in the same inbox where I could simply read,
> > reply with the correct return and delete.  Very efficient!  Now I have
> > three separate inboxes and have to switch back and forth all of the time.
> >  This drives me nuts and seems very stupid.  Can I make a folder and use
> > filters or some sort of client side script to just move them all into
> > once folder?
> Well I think it depends a lot in how you use email, I for example prefer
> to have different inboxes because I do not manage my work email the same
> way as my personal email.

I like dumping all my emails into one folder on the n810 because on the mobile 
device I just simply go through the emails one at a time and act on them.  I 
do mix in personal and work emails but that doesn't bother me as I can just 
skip any messages I don't want to deal with at the moment, to me that is 
easier than the whole switching account, folder option.  In fact I usually 
have the folders hidden for enable larger screen restate.

> > 3.  The email notification doesn't work reliably on my unit.  I get the
> > blinking led in the upper left corner, but as soon as I wake up the unit
> > and the display comes on the blinking stops and the blinking that use to
> > be in the lower bottom icon isn't there so now I can't see what email
> > accounting triggered the blink and I can't see the message.  Is this a
> > bug or something I have setup wrong.
> I think that something wrong happens to your device because there are no
> users that reported that problem before neither on bugzilla nor asking
> we the developers directly.
> > So there you have it, maybe small issues for others but you might as well
> > have removed one of my legs and asked me if I noticed whether it was now
> > harder to walk.
> As you say maybe for you are big issues, anyway you're free to switch to
> another one, we'll keep on improving Modest.
> Br

Well I would switch if there was something better.  As frustrating as these 
issues are I don't like claws better.  I even played around with ssh'ing into 
my home machine and running my home email over X, it is just too slow that 
way. If comcast would become a real ISP and give me some upload side it would 
probably work fine, then I wouldn't have a need for any email client on the 


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