[maemo-users] Diablo's Modest/Email

From: Alberto Garcia agarcia at igalia.com
Date: Thu Sep 11 20:28:07 EEST 2008
On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 11:15:49AM -0600, Mark wrote:

> > So there are features that IMAP has that POP3 doesn't ??
> > What are those features ??
> The features that the IMAP clients, not the protocol, present
> as assets are exactly the same as you get through any Webmail
> interface.  POP clients could just as easily implement them, but
> that's not where their priorities lie. The protocol is irrelevant.
> *That's* the point.

Leaving aside the technical details, if I understood correctly you say
that if I want to have my e-mail folders in my remote account I have
to use either a webmail client or an IMAP client, because POP3 clients
don't do that.

Alberto García González

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