[maemo-users] Remarkable community projects

From: Eric Warnke ericew at gmail.com
Date: Sun Sep 14 22:47:58 EEST 2008

Looking over the wiki page related the to Remarkable Community  
Projects a lot has changed in the past 2 months.  Many of the "ruled  
out" applications have cleaned up and would qualify again today.  Just  
from a casual inspection there were 5 applications that would qualify  
if it were re-evaluated today and I'm pretty sure there are a few more  
that I didn't have time to double check.

Barring any objections I will start a new page designed to be updated  
over time to highlight new and upcoming projects based on a number of  
simple criteria.  Based on the existing criteria.

*Alive: Maintained regularly and available in the last stable release.

*Open: community feedback and contributions are part of the project -  
open source is a very good factor but not a must.

*Stable: feature set complete, installs flawlessly, works, doesn't  
harm the system, secure.

*Finger/thumb UI: stylus to be required only in exceptional and  
evident cases (e.g. drawing apps).

*Decent design: visually attractive and/or simple interface that works  
just as expected.

*maemo.org active: available in extras, complete information page in  

*Non commercial: Not developed by Nokia or commercial partners.

*Nomination supported by 3 wiki users and no reasonable objections

The talk page with have the nominations and the main page will have  
the list.


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