[maemo-users] Diable/Modest - No delete from server solution

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Mon Sep 15 04:34:11 EEST 2008
So I've been trying to use modest without the ability to selectively delete 
messages off of the server.  I've given up.  Here is the solution and 
reasons. My only reason for posting this is to hopefully let the modest guys 
know how important this feature is.  I plan on filling an enhancement 

1. I tried to just use modest leaving the messages on the server,  then 
downloading them again on average about every three days on my home machine.  
I just got stand that I have to manage the messages a second time.

2. Since my provider doesn't support imap I decided modest just isn't going to 
work.  Claws mail has the same problem, no selective delete from server for 

3. So, now I am using my providers webmail interface on the nokia and just 
leaving it open all the time.  The provider's interface allows an automatic 
refresh setting so the mail inbox is still "updated" on a regular basis.

4. I don't get the flashing email light or lower left indication,  bummer 
number 1.

5. Modest STILL loads even though I have deleted all accounts, and turned off 
automatic check for mail.  I checked the modest bug tracker and this is a 
reported bug.  I'm so disgusted with Nokia for one for switching the email 
client and for whatever is causing modest to not only reload about every 5 
minutes but stay in memory even though I have no accounts setup and no auto 
retrieve setup.  Major bummer #2

6. So I tried the following.  Remove the .modest user folder -->  Modest 
recreates an empty structure everytime it reloads and it continues to reload 
if I kill it via the process list.  Bummer #3

7.  I then set the rights to the .modest directory to  555 instead of 755 
using sudo.  This changed modests behavior but still isn't great.  Now modest 
will load the first time I connect to any wifi hotspot, but if I kill it in 
the process list it doesn't try to start again, which is atleast better than 
my 6 above.

So basically not only is modest completely useless to me, it is now beyond 
that and annoying and a memory hog even thou I'm not even using it.

If anyone knows of a third email client for the n810 that supports the delete 
off server selective option I'd love to know.  I looked at the modest bug 
tracker and I don't think they will be fixing the reload bug anytime soon as 
everyone is still arguing over whether or not it is even a bug, It is and it 
is annoying

So nokia/Modest teams can we have the old email back as an option.  It 
actually worked.  I feel that if the webmail interface doesn't work for me 
either I may reflash back to chinook for the forseeable future.  That would 
be bummer #4 if I choose that option.


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