[maemo-users] Kernel modules upgrade and modules.dep

From: Robin Kauffman robink at creosotehill.org
Date: Sat Sep 20 03:12:40 EEST 2008
	I recently upgraded my kernel modules to
kernel-diablo-modules_2.6.21-200829maemo1 using the Application Manager,
however after upgrading modules.dep is gone, which means that ipv6.ko
doesn't autoload (I have to insmod it by hand every time I start up my
N810).  The same is true of any in-tree kernel modules (some of which
aren't aren't supported by the hotplug framework, but being able to
modprobe them would be nice).  I run an IPv6 network at my house (I have
a /64 public block) and I'd like to be able to get on the network fully
every time I power up my device at home.
	Module-init-tools might be an option, except that it conflicts with
busybox, which several other packages depend upon.
	Anyone have any ideas?

		-Robin K.
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