[maemo-users] I just got n810 I have some ?

From: Karl Kobel karlkobel at sbcglobal.net
Date: Mon Sep 22 00:11:37 EEST 2008
Hi Jeff,

Unless you got your N810 from outside the US, it's in the doc folder. 
Otherwise, I found it someplace just searching for it. It may be on the 
Maemo site.

Here's the app's that I use, but there are others, depending on your 
personal preferences.

2 Maps:
Maemo Mapper    - you need to be online if the maptile you are currently 
trying to view (both position and zoom) is not on your machine (map cache)
RoadMap            - simpler vectior-based map tool. You can pre-load a 
big area ahead of any trip.
The GPS works on or offline of the internet

I like the GPE tools. The calendar sync's with Google calendar. Both the 
calendar and the to-do list have a desktop applet with the current dates 
and to-do.

4 Notes
You can use most of the note programs, but I like XJournal, if I need it 
in windows, I can same it as a PDF.

5 I remember finding a page with links to all of the repositories. I 
don't have that list handy (It may be at work). I defer this to someone 
else. I you don't get an answer, I'll try to find it.
Stay away from any repository with 'dev' in the name. The app you see in 
the Application Manager may not be stable.

6 SD card
16Gb should work, I only have 4Gb cards.

7 Camera
I use GPS camera, mostly because it has a big shutter release button. On 
the N810 the camera is awkward to use due to having to face the screen 
toward the subject.
I have not seen an app to take movies.


Jeff Treague wrote:
> I finally got my n810 a lot nicer then the n770.
> The user guide on my n810 is in a different lanage.
> n810
> 1.Were do I go to get the user guide it in English?
> 2.Do I need to be on the internet to use the GPS? Any Tips on how to 
> use it? Dose it just do streets or can I use it in the woulds to and 
> boating?
> 3.Is there a way to use the n810 as a planer? Date, phone #, and 
> apointments.
> 4. Is there a program to take notes that works with windows and what 
> is it?
> 5. Is there more thing to download on maeme that are not on the 
> download page? Rapier I did not see there but I heard about so I typed 
> it in to search and got it. Is there a way to get a list of other 
> tings that are not on the download page?
> 6. Can I use highter than a 2gb sd card and is there any I need to do 
> to do this besides putting in a higher sd card?
> 7. What is the best way to use the web cam? Is there a way to take 
> video with it?
> Thank you for your help!!
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