[maemo-users] Another annoyance: bluetooth icon disappears

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Fri Sep 26 11:49:27 EEST 2008
On Friday 26 September 2008 00:01:00 Mark wrote:
> Wonderful... yet another "wontfix" response to usability issues...
> One problem is that putting the device in offline mode disables
> bluetooth, but taking it out of offline mode usually doesn't re-enable
> bluetooth (at least 75% of the time on my N800). Another is that any
> situation where the other device is the main physical interaction
> (headset, keyboard, etc.), it has no ability to turn on the bluetooth.
> Sure, if some app on the tablet itself asks for bluetooth it can get
> it, but not external devices. There *does* need to be a quick way to
> access the bluetooth settings.

i cant say i have seen that bluetooth and offline mode issue happen here with 
my N800...

> The only workable mode right now if one uses any bluetooth devices at
> all is to always leave bluetooth turned on. It's much too big a PITA
> to go through the many levels of the Control Panel to turn on
> bluetooth every time you need it, even if it's infrequently.

there is a reason why i have "switch on bt" in "personal menu" ;)

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