[maemo-users] UI Questions

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sat Sep 27 10:05:11 EEST 2008
Christer, you wrote:
> As i understood it the UI in Maemo is closed so to speak ie Nokia are 
> not giving out the spcs or did i misunderstand it?

Not quite. The Hildon desktop is open; some of the end-user apps are open (including the browser and email client). Hildon is used in other mobile Internet efforts, like moblin & Ubuntu MID.

> Also if that is the case why not use some other UI like the QT (Opie i 
> think its called)?
> Is it possible to change the UI to something else ie not KDE or Gnome 
> like something that has a small footprint ?

Yes, it's possible; and some people do use Poky, Mamona, Debian, KDE, GNOME etc. Arguably, none of these are as well-integrated as the default environment.

That's not the point of the discussion, though: the in-built Bluetooth status bar app is viewed (by some) as inconsistent and the source *for that* is unavailable.



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