[maemo-users] Offline mode from the command-line?

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Sep 30 11:22:58 EEST 2008
2008/9/29 Tony Green <tony at beermad.org.uk>

> Hi all,
> A couple of questions about offline mode.
> Is there a way to put my N800 into offline mode from a command-line? The
> sort of thing I'm looking at doing is to run my nightly N800 backup to my
> server over SSH, then for the server to issue a command telling it to go
> offline to save battery power...

Hi. Not really sure, but I think that to save battery power it'd be enough
just to finish the established connection, not necessary go to offline mode
(I suppose you mean flight mode)...

And on the other hand, is there a way to get it to automatically come OUT of
> offline mode at a particular time? (some sort of alarm event?) The idea here
> being that in the morning it would be connected again to my network ready
> for me to connect to it over SSH.

It'd still be easier if you just closed connection and want to establish a
new connection again...

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