[maemo-users] WiFi borked after update

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Tue Sep 30 20:13:10 EEST 2008
On Tue, September 30, 2008 10:37, Marius Vollmer said:
> Hmm, the Application manager will first download all the needed
> packages, and only after that has happened will it start the update
> process.  So you should have all the packages somewhere.

from what I've seen it was downloading packages one-by-one installing as
it goes. :(

> Look into
>     /media/mmc2/.apt-archive-cache
>     /media/mmc1/.apt-archive-cache
>     /var/cache/apt/archives.

I did, just to find out that it had packages unrelated to base system update.

> During a OS update, the network connection will usually be shutdown and
> then brought up again, as the relevant packages get updated.  But the
> Wifi going down should not have any ill effect on the OS update, it
> should finish normally.
> So I would say that your upgrade got interrupted by something else than
> the network going down.  Any idea what that might have been?

Nothing was happening at the time. Sequence was fairly simple:
1. turn on the updates (via app manager)
2. walk away
3. let N800 download/install packages
4. come back later
5. reboot N800
6. live happy.

items 3 and 6 were the ones with the problem: #3 broke several times
complaining about version mismatches (to which I replied: "ok") assuming
that there is some error in dependency resolution and it'll get fixed on
the second run of update. (The very last event on device was another
pop-up with conflict information, but WiFi was gone then so hitting OK
didn't do anything except for failure) I couldn't locate WiFi AP anymore
so I did #5 thinking that maybe driver version has changed and the whole
OS better be reloaded. But that didn't help either.

> First try
>    # dpkg --configure -a
> Does this do anything?  Any errors?  This might bring your connectivity
> back.  If it does, try to complete the update, either in the Application
> manager or with apt-get upgrade.

no errors or any other types of messages.

> Rebooting might also help, in case you didn't do that already.

I did it twice already - unfortunately a no-go. (Now I regret not having
fully developed backup procedure for N800).

I have some extra repositories configured, but I do not use testing or
unstable repos that could've broken things so severely.

I can try to resuscitate WiFi manually if I only knew how. Looking at the
list of packages yet to be updated it seems like my gui might be
out-of-sync with other libs? Can I kick in manual config for WiFi just to
finish update?

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