[maemo-users] bluetooth keyboards and N900

From: Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Tue Dec 1 20:49:48 EET 2009
> Yeah, I guess you don't consider market statistics that Nokia is continually
> losing share to be "facts", because they don't fit with your fanboy
> views.

In case you had not realized it yet (hint: read my email address) i'm not a fanboy,
i'm just an employee.

And market statistics are irrelevant here. You don't have a clue when you
attribute decisions to developers and _this_ is a fact, because you are not part with
our internal processes.

> Just to make it clear that when I said "developers" I was referring to
> those paid by Nokia, not the volunteers.

Again, where did you get that Nokia developers decide about product features?

> Nokia is the one who is taking advantage of people who desperately want the open source
> community to grow and repeatedly ripping them off, both volunteer developers and consumers.

This is your opinion, which is, as usual, totally irrelevant to previous my comment:
"you don't have a clue about Nokia internal processes"

Now, please, go ahead and write again something that is irrelevant to the discussion.

Possibly hinting to some conspiration or exploiting.

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