[maemo-users] Nokia developers -> WAS: bluetooth keyboards and N900

From: Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Tue Dec 1 21:31:55 EET 2009
thank you for satisfying so quickly my request

Cheers, Igor
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On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 11:49 AM,  <Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com> wrote:
>> Yeah, I guess you don't consider market statistics that Nokia is continually
>> losing share to be "facts", because they don't fit with your fanboy
>> views.
> In case you had not realized it yet (hint: read my email address) i'm not a fanboy,
> i'm just an employee.
> And market statistics are irrelevant here.

Exactly, because they prove my point, not yours. The point is that
releasing devices with incomplete and buggy OS and software, missing
functionality that may seem irrelevant to designers or developers but
is critical to consumers, and shirking the responsibility of support
are not any better for Nokia than they are for those who are buying
their products.

> You don't have a clue when you
> attribute decisions to developers and _this_ is a fact, because you are not part with
> our internal processes.
>> Just to make it clear that when I said "developers" I was referring to
>> those paid by Nokia, not the volunteers.
> Again, where did you get that Nokia developers decide about product features?

Okay, further clarification: there are hardware developers as well as
software developers, and designers who specify what features will be
included as well as people above them who are making specific
decisions about the product. I'm lumping them all together, because a
developer/designer who doesn't stand up and be heard when somebody
above is telling him to do something stupid is just as guilty as the
person making the decision. Regardless, whatever specific individuals
are making the decisions is irrelevant, because they're all in the
same company. That is the point I'm making: it's Nokia in general that
is at fault. The "community" (maemo, and now mer) then has to try to
make up for Nokia's irresponsibility, but by then it's already too
late. Nokia's resources are _far_ greater than those of "the
community", and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In
other words, it would cost Nokia a tiny fraction of the time and
effort required of the community after the fact if Nokia would put
serious effort into getting it right in the first place. Instead, they
make a token effort and slough the serious work off onto the
community. They want something for nothing, and up until now they're
getting it.

>> Nokia is the one who is taking advantage of people who desperately want the open source
>> community to grow and repeatedly ripping them off, both volunteer developers and consumers.
> This is your opinion, which is, as usual, totally irrelevant to previous my comment:
> "you don't have a clue about Nokia internal processes"

Because Nokia's specific internal processes are irrelevant to the
discussion. What's relevant is the result of those processes. I also
have to point out that "actions (and inactions) speak louder than
words", and there's a very significant and clear history here.

> Now, please, go ahead and write again something that is irrelevant to the discussion.
> Possibly hinting to some conspiration or exploiting.
> igor

How's this for relevance: I will never buy another Nokia product. I'm
committed to making the most out of what I've got, which is why I'm
still here. It's clear that I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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