[maemo-users] Nokia developers -> WAS: bluetooth keyboards and N900

From: Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com Igor.Stoppa at nokia.com
Date: Tue Dec 1 22:22:48 EET 2009
From: ext Mark [wolfmane at gmail.com]

> Sigh... I guess potential customers leaving in droves isn't "relevant"
> to you... exactly why Nokia is headed for self-destruction...

The only relevant reply that you should - but obviously are phisically unable to - give is on the line of:

"yes, I am not aware of how things go inside Nokia and it is unfair to blame developers
because i have no ground to assume that they are responsible for all the design decisions"

Then you can have your rants about Nokia, droves of cheated, unsatisfied, angered customers flocking to Android, iPhone, you name it.

But that's a different thread.

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