[maemo-users] OS Stability

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Thu Dec 3 00:25:39 EET 2009
Mark Haury wrote:
 > Every Linux handheld device that I've been interested
> in and followed has *required* periodic re-flashes of the OS, either to 
> fix growing instability or to flash a new image that increases stability 
> and/or hardware or software functionality.

This was true for my old Zaurus, but that was because Sharp basically 
didn't have a clue about operating systems and particularly not about FOSS.

I've been very happy with the stability of my N800, and never had to 
reflash it. But I haven't been using it for experimental purposes.

> As for desktop OSs, I would say Linux is on par with Windows: Windows 
> may be slightly (but only slightly) less stable, but has much better 
> hardware support. I haven't had to reinstall Windows (any version) any 
> more than I've had to reinstall Linux.

I've only had to reinstall Linux once, and that was because of flaky 
hardware. Windows, on the other hand (in the days when I used it) needed 
reinstallation 2-3 times a year, and never worked properly even then.

> ...And nobody has answered my question: is it even possible to flash 
> updated Windows Mobile images to those devices? Is it done routinely as 
> with Maemo/OpenMoko/etc.?

My Windows-toting colleagues say it is theoretically possible but 
they've never done it. But then they don't put their devices through a 
hundredth of the workload my N800 handles, simply because the apps 
aren't there. When I had to edit and reprocess a 200pp XML document into 
PDF via LaTeX during the summer one of them watched in awe :-) The most 
he can do is open Notepad...

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