[maemo-users] Xournal for OS2006

From: Ivan Vilata i Balaguer ivan at selidor.net
Date: Thu Dec 3 00:56:18 EET 2009
Aniello Del Sorbo (el 2009-12-02 a les 21:31:22 +0000) va dir::

> A member of the Maemo.org community just gave me his Nokia 770 to help
> me port back Xournal on it :)
> I'll try to find out that .deb (it was version 0.3.1) but hopefully
> soon you'll have the latest version :)

That's even better news than I had expected, thank you very much! :)

PS: I forgot to include maemo-users in the last reply, now bringing the thread
back to it.


  Ivan Vilata i Balaguer -- http://ivan.lovesgazpacho.net/
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