[maemo-users] N900 Questions from a new user

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Tue Dec 8 00:04:18 EET 2009
I just received my n900 over the weekend and have been playing around with it.  
Like most new devices some things are better, some seem worse.  I thought I'd 
ask the group a couple of questions that I have to see if anything can be 

1. GPS/Maps seems to suck.  First I don't have a phone data plan and I'm not 
getting one.  WiFi for me.  So when I turn on GPS I leave the Assisted part 
off (network)  I can not ever get the gps to actually lock.  I've left it on 
for hours without touching it and it never locks. 

Also when I start up the maps app it asks me for a wifi connection and I get a 
little downloading data indication.  I have to cancel this not once but 
several times before the app gives up and really thinks I don't want to use 
data, or maybe it isn't available.

So, first what is up with the GPS does it even work without the network 

Second, it appears that once again nokia has screwed the pooch on the Map app, 
I would like to know if mapper ala (n810) is going to be available or is 

2.  Camera Flash - When I take a picture using the flash the left half on the 
picture is always noticeably brighter to the point that the picture looks 
like crap.  I've tried this several different times in different lighting 
conditions with various results but everytime I can see the problem and it 
makes the flash unusable.  Is something wrong with my unit or is this just 
how it is.

3. Contact Lookup using keyboard - So you can begin typing a contacts name 
from any desktop and the contacts app will popup and narrow down your name,  
works great the first time.  However the second time from any desktop nothing 
will happen.  I've figured out that the first time this happens the system 
opens the contact list but never closes it.  It the contact app is open then 
this feature doesn't work.  So I've been having to close the contacts app 
myself everytime so that this feature works.  Is this the intended 
functionality or a bug.

That is all for now.  I'm sure I will have more later.

thank you


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