[maemo-users] Contact imports

From: lfl at soeiro.com.br lfl at soeiro.com.br
Date: Tue Dec 8 17:50:10 EET 2009
Hello y'all. Thanks for the hints so far

>I guess you have M$ Outlook delivered with your Windows Mobile Phone. Just
>sync WM with Outlook on PC, and then use Nokia PC Suite to transfer it to
>N900. It worked and I have all the contacts, calendar, tasks and notes
>easily transferred.

This will be difficult for me because I don't have any Windows computer to
play with (I use Debian and Kubuntu on all my personal and work
I've even tried to install Outlook and ActiveSync under wine, but had no

What about Fumabol? Have anyone tried that?

>> N900 allows importing contacts through Bluetooth.
>... provided that the other phone supports mass exporting of contacts, a
>Nokia 2600 for example won't sync anything.

Unfortunately, I can't find a way to beam more than the current contact on
my WM5.

Another question: what kind of issues do you expect when mass exporting
/importing contacts? Lost things? Duplicates?

Thanks again

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