[maemo-users] Auto Shut Off of 810

From: Jonathan Hudson jh+maemo at daria.co.uk
Date: Tue Dec 8 18:20:25 EET 2009
Me too. The "only stable when charging via USB power adapter" problem
went away when I replaced the battery as well.


On Tue, 8 Dec 2009 09:13:23 -0700, Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:

>It was the battery.  I tried a couple of cheapie batteries then went to a
>Nokia battery.  Problem went away so I'm a happy camper and didn't have to
>reflash. :-)
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>Jonathan Hudson:
>> I had a problem on the N800 rebooting frequently on charger.
>> Eventually, I discovered it was one particular charger, charging from an
>> alternate charger or a USB charger gave a stable machine.
>Jean-Christian de Rivaz:
>> I have observed the same things with my N810 too. The problem go more 
>> end more worse with the time, to the point where it reboot every 3 to
>> 5 
>> minutes. I then inspected the battery and see that it shape is not 
>> completely flat anymore but have some difference in the height of his 
>> main surfaces. It's very noticeable by passing the finger along the
>> surface.
>> I have buy a new battery and then my N810 work now like a new one.
>> It's part of the instability of the OS. If it's been a long time since
>> you've reflashed and/or have lots of apps and data installed it will
>> do that. A clean reflash will probably fix it. I haven't been able to
>> identify any particular app as a culprit. I recently reflashed my N800
>> that was having that and other power issues (as well as some other
>> even more serious ones), and it's working fine now. This time around
>> I'm only reinstalling the apps I use a lot, although some of the
>> idiotic dependency issues are forcing the install of some things I
>> don't want or need...
>How nice .. 1 problem, 3 different causes and solutions :)
>	Xav
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