[maemo-users] N900 - Problems with builtin apps

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Thu Dec 10 17:18:42 EET 2009
Ok, so I've had my N900 about a week and now I'd like some information on 
things I've noticed about some of the builtin apps and more to the point how 
or can I change these.

1.  Web URL Bar - It isn't.  It is a google search bar.  I'd like to turn it 
back into a regular old URL bar.  I like 404 error messages.  If I want to 
search for something on the web I will.  If I can't do this then I would like 
to change the search engine.  Currently I've modified the hosts file so that 
the searches all fail so instead of the 404 I get the nice failed to connect.

2. Email - Modest doesn't have enough delete message options for my liking.  
In nokia's old email client you could set a setting on Delete messages from 
server (ask every time).  I liked this feature.  It is missing in Modest and 
I simply can't use it without this option.  My usage pattern doesn't fit at 
all.  So I'm left with SSH'ing into my home computer and running kmail in an 
X Window.  Works, but I sure would like to use modest.

3. Email Username/Password warning. - In setting up the n900 I was reading the 
manual or quick start guide and came across a note about how my username's 
and passwords WOULD not might but would be sent to nokia, however they would 
never use them for anything.  Why is this?

4.  Media Player - On my n810 I used panucci only because of one feature, it 
has the ability to skip forward or backwards 10 seconds or 1 minute.  I love 
this feature. The builtin media player doesn't and it is depressing.  I have 
to sit through podcasts parts that I don't want to hear simply because it is 
impossible to move the slider 3 minutes or 15 seconds or whatever in any 
consistant manner.  Can this be added, is Panucci ready for the N900.

5. Maps - Don't even get me started.

6. Application List. - On the N810 and below I was able to take all of the 
nokia apps that I would never use put then in the lowest menu option and 
forget about them.  Not as good as being able to uninstall but It was ok.  On 
the N900 I haven't figured out how to rearrange the app menu.  All of the 
installed apps that I use regularly are on the second page at the bottom and 
all of the items or apps that I will never use are front and center.  It sure 
would be nice to be able to move these icons around.  I'm hoping I've just 
missed something.

7. Web Addons - What exactly is "single sign on for ovi websites" and why 
can't I uninstall it from the browser.  Likewise what is the Atlas Plugin?

That is all for now, but I will say if atleast some of these are not changable 
the N900 will be my last nokia device.  I've watched this device go from a 
fun, hobbiest piece of hardware to a entrapment for making money.  I'd rather 
do without.



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