[maemo-users] N900 - Problems with builtin apps

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Thu Dec 10 22:19:07 EET 2009
On Thursday 10 December 2009 07:32:58 am Andre Klapper wrote:
> Hi,
> Am Donnerstag, den 10.12.2009, 07:18 -0800 schrieb Tim Ashman:
> > 1.  Web URL Bar - It isn't.  It is a google search bar.
> What is this, and how can I get it?

It is the text entry screen at the bottom of the bookmarks and web browser 

> > 2. Email - Modest doesn't have enough delete message options for my
> > liking.
> >
> > 3. Email Username/Password warning. - In setting up the n900 I was
> > reading the manual or quick start guide and came across a note about how
> > my username's and passwords WOULD not might but would be sent to nokia
> I don't get that sentence.

I don't entirely remember where I saw this.  I will look in my documentation 
tonight, but it seemed like for every email account you setup nokia was going 
to get your username and password,  almost like they had setup a proxy within 
modest instead of direct access.

> > , however they would never use them for anything.  Why is this?
> Doesn't this only refer to Nokia Messaging Service as per the message
> displayed, which is a Push service so it's needed for that special case?
> > 5. Maps - Don't even get me started.
> Means?

Means, and I was being a bit flip, is that I'm so disappointed in how it 
works, the way it works and everything about it they should have just not 
included it.  The N810's was just as bad.

> > 6. Application List. - On the N810 and below I was able to take all of
> > the nokia apps that I would never use put then in the lowest menu option
> > and forget about them.  Not as good as being able to uninstall but It was
> > ok.  On the N900 I haven't figured out how to rearrange the app menu.
> You cannot - there is a report about that in bugs.maemo.org...

Cool.  This really bugs me.

> > That is all for now, but I will say if atleast some of these are not
> > changable the N900 will be my last nokia device.  I've watched this
> > device go from a fun, hobbiest piece of hardware to a entrapment for
> > making money.  I'd rather do without.
> Uh, where is that entrapment located?

Ok, entrapement might have been a little strong, but what I feel like is 
happening to the tablet is what has already happened to computers in general, 
every vendor/program decides that their commercial needs outweight my right 
to have control of the things that happen on my computer.  


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